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Server Update : New and updated features
 Alphine •   about 1 month ago •  55


Minor Update

Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a great day/night! Today we released a new faction update. In doing so, we had to wipe out all the faction data and start new. We do apologize for the trouble that may have caused, however, we updated a few features as well add in a few new additions to our server! 


The factions plugin was updated and redesigned! With new features like, corners, and facti...

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Some Bug Issues Fixed
 Alphine •   2 months ago •  73

Bug Fixes

Version: 1.0.2

Hello everyone, there are a few fixes for the bugs on the server. Not many so keep that in mind! The bug fixes also includes updates and additions to the website and server. So make sure you read everything.



  • Added regional music to the server
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Vernix Website Released
 Alphine •   2 months ago •  99

Welcome to our Website

Welcome to the Vernix Hub website aka Vernix Factions

Our new website has a new design similar to the one you saw on SMP Survival. As a lot of players liked that theme format, we used the same theme but just changing up a few things. However, since we don't have a discord dedicated to the server and this server is a like a "sister" server, support will only be given on the website and not on the discord server. We have rules (click here) so please follow them. 


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